Have you thought about publicizing your company and your business through your customers?

Imagine your business being advertised by thousands of people on social networks, generating traffic and increased sales of your products, and best of all, all started by your own CUSTOMER!
With the WiBX loyalty platform, you create an ad for your products or services and your customers are in charge of sharing them to your friends and followers, creating unbelievable visibility for your business.

Come to the Wibxworld!

By selling by accepting Wibx, you are not just entering the most surprising market in Brazil, you are becoming your customer's partner, giving them the ability to buy your products with a reward you have offered in a modern, fast and secure way. spreading your business more every day!

Be a partner and be surprised!

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It is advantageous to accept Wibx?

Countless companies are reaping the benefits of becoming a Wibx partner, and look at free advertising as far from being our only advantage!

We're talking about a token that can be used to make purchases at our WiBX Mall and still trade them at Bitcoin Market, a token with the advantage of having cash value, practicality of a digital payment method but without the huge fees today charged by traditional processes.

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