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More than a coin, a universe of possibilities.

Launched in 2019 by WibooCria, Wibx is the engine that allows interoperability between all our products, platforms, games and ecosystems, as well as being the most traded Brazilian utility token in the world, having moved more than R$ 2.5 billion since its first listing on the secondary market in July 2020.

Unlike the vast majority of cryptocurrencies traded on exchanges today, Wibx's success has not been thanks to speculative movements, but to the construction of a solid technology base and diversity of applications that make it possible for large traditional companies to enter the WEB3 universe, with backing and security attested to by agents such as KPMG, Totvs and the Aeronautical Technology Institute (ITA).


We are one of the first blockchain companies in the world to have been assessed by KPMG for our custody and security processes.


Research and development of solutions carried out in partnership with ITA. From 2016 to 2021.


TOTVS Cripto's first accounting project.

Coin Market Cap

We handle more than 2 billion reais safely and transparently.


First ERP integration in the world, allowing crypto transactions without intermediaries, directly at the front of the checkout. With Credit, Debit or Wibx.

By building interactive ecosystems such as metaverses, games and interaction platforms, the Wibx token is the financial engine that transforms cold user bases into engaged and profitable communities.

The insertion of the token as a reward for sales conversion and engagement challenges has been proven to be a powerful results enhancer in cases with more than 50 clients, while the availability of experiences that can only be acquired in Wibx completes the cycle of mutual benefits between companies and communities.

In addition to ensuring the ballast and security of transactions in all WibooCria ecosystems, Wibx also functions as a direct payment, being the world's first cryptoasset directly integrated into ERP systems and the only utility token accepted as a means of payment in the real economy.

Discover some of Wibx's applications in different formats and ecosystems:

Can you imagine having your own token?

The technology behind Wibx also allows new tokens to be created from its ballast and security framework, enabling brands, teams, companies and personalities to create their own cryptoassets without any risk, friction or complexity.

In addition to creating customized tokens, our team of experts is prepared to understand the core objectives of your business in order to create customized ecosystems in which the token will not only present itself as an agent of innovation, but will above all enable you to achieve significant results for your company and community.

Develop profitable projects on WEB3


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Wibx's main difference is that it proposes an orchestration between the private blockchain and the public blockchain, thus maintaining a distributed public registry with extremely high traceability. As for the WBX token, it has a maximum supply of 12 billion units and follows the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum network, and can be stored in compatible digital wallets, including Metamask, Trust Wallet or in the Wibx platform's own wallet.

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