Main questions about Platform the Token and its functions.

A Social Commerce, where advertisers distribute virtual currencies that can be exchanged for products, services and traded for cash.
Yes, there are three platforms: Shopping, Loyalty and Wallet (Digital Wallet).
No, all platforms will be in a single WiBOO app.
No, registration is free for all users and merchants. But some transactions are charged, for example: Transactions between wallets and use of Shopping WiBOO features by advertisers.
The requirements for individuals are:
- Be at least 18 years old.
- Valid ID.
- Valid and secure email address.
Remember, providing false information or misusing third party data in your own name is a criminal offense under the Brazilian Penal Code.

The requirements for Legal Entities are:
- ID active.
- Valid and secure email address.
The registration of legal entities as a User must necessarily be performed by a legal representative duly authorized for this purpose.
It's a usability token utility that costs money on advertiser products and services within the WiBOO platform.
No, you can only login by creating your user on our platform.
You can earn Wibx by interacting with advertisers through the WiBX Loyalty platform.
Wibx does not have a fixed value, it is a volatile currency with value determined by the crypto market. You can follow it through Exchange Mercado Bitcoin. Or access your wallet at the quote is visible in green below your balance.
Wibx may be exchanged for products and services advertised on WiBX Store.
You can buy your Wibx on the official WiBX Exchange atMercado Bitcoin.
Only Wibx acquired through engagement on the WiBOO Fidelity platform will expire. All currencies not traded within 3 months go to a WiBOO Foundation wallet and are distributed to social institutions.
Wibx Transaction is any Wibx transfer between wallets, purchases of products or services, and transfers to Exchange Mercado Bitcoin.
Yes, you can transfer your Wibx to any other Wibx wallet or Exchange wallets.
Purchases are made via the internet and pickup is made physically at the store address. Except when purchased on a Wibx e-commerce, in this case the product will be delivered according to the e-commerce's own delivery rules.
A digital wallet (also called an e-wallet) is a secure environment where your Wibx Tokens are stored. This information is encrypted in the system and, when accessed by its owner, can be used to manage tokens such as making purchases on the internet, transferring and receiving tokens.
The WiBOO Shopping platform is constantly evolving and will soon serve all regions, but you can boost commerce in your region to start accepting Wibx Tokens.
Yes, every entrepreneur or professional can advertise on WiBOO.
Yes, just sign up for our platform to create your wallet and start receiving Wibx.
2-factor verification uses a token, which is a second security factor that can be added to your account. It protects access through a 6 digit security code that is generated every 30 seconds by an application developed by third parties. Only your mobile device (smartphone) will have access to the app and the combination of your password and code will never be the same, ensuring greater security when accessing and using the account.

Enabling this security step requires you to download a token manager application (we suggest Authy, but you can also use Google authenticator).

Once you download the app, you will need to enable ‘2-Step Authentication’ within your account on our site.
1: Click on the main menu in the upper left corner of the screen and go to My Account.
2: In the side table on the left side of the screen you will find the Security option, click to continue.
3: With the app installed on your device, follow the directions on the installation screen.

With token authentication enabled, every login to your account and cryptocurrency transfer will be done using the app on your smartphone.
The 2-step (token) authentication of your account is done through code generated by an application developed by a third party. There are several options, and each app is developed by a different company. For example, the Authy app belongs to Authy Inc., while the Google Authenticator app belongs to Google itself. Our access to application functionality is restricted only to the link between the application and your account (activation and removal), any other information is the responsibility of the developers, who have specific support to assist you. If you have any questions regarding your application usage, account redemption or even operational issues, please contact the support responsible for the application you use.
As an extremely user-friendly feature, 2-step authentication cannot be disabled through the application, so you will need the help of our support team.

To disable your 2-step authentication contact support at . It is important that you attach a photo of you holding a photo document in your email that has your Social Security Number visible, (it must be the same as the account you wish to disable authentication).

Remember that your face and your social security number should be visible in the photo. Enter in the email the following sentence: I (your name) wish to disable 2-step authentication for my account.
Stay tuned for the sharing rules described on the offer sharing screen under "WiBOO Loyalty." They always describe the rewards offered by the advertiser on each social network and engagement type (likes, shares, clicks, etc.). And if you find actions marked with zero (0) values, the advertiser has chosen not to pay rewards for that action on that social network. When your post goes to Facebook you need to monitor the entire social network to account for the interactions it received, therefore it may take up to seven hours for Wibx to appear to you. In extreme cases, an ad may have your budget at the end when you share and measure it, it may happen that advertiser balance has run out. So keep an eye out for ads with the flame icon as they bookmark new ads that are still on a “full” budget. This indicates that their chance of ending when their engagement was validated is much lower.