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With WiBX, you realise purchases in establishments that accept our token using as a alternative way of paying, beyond exchanging your WiBX in our shopping WiBX for products and services.
On the "Mercado Bitcoin" you exchange your WiBX for money or any other cryptocoin. You can also transfer your WiBX freely between other wiboo wallets at anytime you want.

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You share things every day already, have you ever imagined to gain money with it? It's simple! You only have to choose what to share, where to share and you're rewarded with WiBX. And your WiBX can turn into products, services and even money. With WiBX the engagement of your social media worth a lot.

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Create campaigns, promotions, discount coupons, loyalty programs, and innovate using augmented reality and even recompense your clients that share your posts on social media. All of this in a unique and modern platform that gather the best of two worlds: the BRANDS and your CLIENTS.

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