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WiBX Fidelity offers several ready-made Posts, so you can only share on your social networks without the hassle of creating each post, and when you share, your friends can help you earn a lot! It's as simple as that, every like or share your friends make in your post, you'll get rewarded on Wibx.

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The platform itself tells you which posts have the most feedback, so watch out for the flame or diamond sign, these posts usually offer better rewards!

What can I do with Wibx?

Painted the doubt: “what do I do with Wibx?”, Rest assured that we will introduce you to this new world!

With any Wibx you accumulate, you can exchange for partner products and services on our WIBX Store, managing all of your exclusive wallet, or even trade them in Mercado Bitcoin. Managing everything through a unique wallet, making everything clearer accessible and safe, have you thought? Now it is possible!

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